Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January Sales!

Heya :) Here’s another update on what I bought in the January sales. Normally I think whatever is on sale is just rubbish that the shop can’t sell, but this time round I picked up some goodies.

I headed to Athlone Town Centre with my Mam to have a look around and our first stop off was NEXT. There sale started pretty early in morning, I think it was about 5 or 6am? I wasn’t in shopping that early now! But I did pick up a cute lil Cupcake cushion that was €20 reduced down to €7.50.  I got it because I got the same one as part of my Christmas presents from my Mam and Dad, so I got the other one so id have a pair. This year I'm hoping to re-decorate my kitchen and its going to be cupcake themed! I’m so excited to get it started.
Just thinking there, I seem to always get cushions in the NEXT sale, I bought a pair of furry grey leopard print ones in there Summer Sale. :P

Then we went to have a look in River Island. I had my eye on 2 scarves in there since before Christmas so I thought id wait to see if they would be in the sale. The main one I wanted was a black and white devore skull scarf with velvet trim in near the same design of the Alexander McQueen one. This wasn’t on sale though. :( So maybe I’ll get it next time I'm in town if its still in stock. The Alexander McQueen one is €175 and the River Island version in €39.

The other scarf I had my eye on was grey devore with velvet trimming also but had wings on it. I loved it as soon as I seen it. This one was on sale, it was €39 reduced to €12. 

 Excuse the creases :S

We stopped off in Gloria Jeans for a coffee. I’m so in love with there White Iced Chocolate with cream. It’s just so amazing, its kinda like a vanilla milkshake really. But it’s gorgeous. I can’t walk by the shop without buying one. ^_^

Next stop was The Golden Island Shopping Centre, I wanted to call into Boots to see what there sale was like. I was really good. All there Christmas gift sets were half price including perfumes and aftershaves. 

I picked up a Front Cover Eye Make Up Bag which contained 2 pairs of party false eyelashes, (one is thick with little gems at the ends of them and the other are a natural to medium lash with glitter). A double sided mascara wand with gold and silver on each end, and another double sided mascara wand with black mascara on one side and black liquid liner on the other. I personally wouldn’t be mad about the liquid liner as I think it comes out very pale and faded. A pot of loose eye shadow pigment powder in “Cloud Dancer”, I think its quiet like “Pink Opal” eye shadow pigment powder by MAC, as it is frosted with a bright white / pink undertone to it. It also comes with a double sided brush and sponge applicator which would be handy to pop in your make up bag for when you’re on the go! 
This set was €24 reduced to €12. Which I thought was great value.

"her lashes swept the garden path"

And lastly my next and final stop was to the Calendar Club. I needed to get a new calendar as I forgot to pick one up before now. I wanted to get another Hello Kitty one, as my one last year as cute and colorful but as I had left it to the last minute to get one they were all sold out. BUT… I did find a really nice one, of one of my female idols…. a Marilyn Monroe one which I was really happy with. It has stunning pictures of her. She was one classy, stunning, elegant lady, who stole the hearts of many. It was €14.95 reduced to €8.95 so that was cool.

"Happy January!"

That was all my purchases for one day, which I think weren’t bad? Did you guys get anything nice in the sales?  Tell me :)

Chat soon,
-Nadia x


  1. Hi Nadia, in case you're wondering who the"patricia" is it's mary bloomfield.Ann called and gave me you're blog ad.Will you follow me?I'm tring to get the no's up!! thanks

  2. Hi Mary, Im following you, thanks for following back. Will do an update on your dolls and send a link to your blog page so hopefully that'll help your no's too. :)
    Chat soon.