Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring / Summer 2012 Make Up Trends.

Heya :)
So during the Spring/Summer 2012 Runway shows the make up trends consisted of a variety of looks. Perfect for those who like being Au Natural or those like me, who like being daring when it comes to make up. The ones that mostly stood out to me were Fendi's dramatic gold leaf eyeshadow,  Jean Paul Gaultier's Retro Glamour, Dolce and Gabanna's super Feminine Cat like eyes (false lashes at the ready!), Miu Miu's rocking red bold eyes and last but not least Chanel's feminine but effective tiny pearl embellishments which acted as piercings to the models face.

Other looks consisted of extreme smokey eyes… (yawn), gentle smokey eyes…. (double yawn). Sorry Pat McGrath you are amazing but gentle smokey eyes are no fun. Lana Del Rey esque doll like delicateness, minimalism, bright bold lips, color contouring, no mascara and chocolate red satined lips. 

As always we see some of the past trends re appearing in this years make up trends.
Here are some of my favorite looks from the Spring/Summer 2012 shows.
Fendi's dramatic gold leaf eyeshadow by Peter Philips.

Jean Paul Gaultier's oh so glam retro look by Stephaine Marais.

Dolce and Gabanna's sleek feminine cat like look by Pat McGrath.

Miu Miu's daring but beautiful bold red eyeshadow.

Chanel's delicate embellished look created by Peter Philips. 

So those where the main looks that caught my attention for Spring / Summer 2012.
What are your thoughts on the looks and have you tried out any for yourself? :)
Let me know.
Chat soon.
Love, love.

Nadia. x

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Body Shop's 'Chocomania' Range.

Official Promo Pic From The Body Shop Ireland.

Heya :) So I didn't think id be doing a new post until I got my blog revamped but change of plan. Anywho. As some of you may already know The Body Shop are launching a new range next month just in time for Valentines day called "Chocomania".
As I work in The Body Shop I was really lucky enough to try out and review the new range before it hits the shelves. 

The range consists of a shower gel, body scrub, a body lotion, a body butter, a lip butter and little heart shaped soaps. Before I continue I have to let people know that amazing as this range is. It's not edible. :P And of course as always I'll give my 100% opinion on this range. I wasn't asked to give it a great review or sweeten it up. (No pun intended).

So first up I tried the shower cream which is €8.95 for a 250ml. As all body shop shower creams/gels this is soap free which means its kinder to the environment. It's a pearlescent shower cream that contains real Community Fair Trade Cocoa Butter and has an amazing chocolate scent. 
As it contains Cocoa Butter it doesn't dry out the skin. The shower gel comes out brown in colour but turns white/clear as soon as its mixed with water. A little goes a long way so use a bath lily with it so get maximum usage. I loved this shower gel as it smelt amazing and left my skin feeling soft and smooth. 

The Body Scrub. This is €18.95 for a 200ml. A little pricey but so worth it. It's brilliant for exfoliating the skin and also leaves the skin feeling real refreshed and soft. Also the scrub contains Cocoa butter and Cane sugar which is great for boosting circulation and of course removing dead skin cells. 

The Body Lotion. The body lotion is €13.50 for a 250ml which is great and comes in a handy bottle with a pump for easy application. The lotion is lighter in texture and id recommend it for people with normal to dry skin. It absorbs easily and quickly into the skin leaving it smelling amazingly, luxurious and moisturized. 

The Body Butter. The original body butter that contains LOADS of Community Fair Trade ingredients. Of course The Body Shop couldn't bring out a new range and not have a body butter. It's €18.95 for a 200ml. If you have tried any of The Body Shop body butters before you'll know how great they are. This particular body butter contains 13 Community Fair Trade ingredients. The most ever put into the one product. It provide's hydration for up to 48 hours and also absorbs quickly into the skin leaving it feeling softer, smoother and luxuriously without the heavy butter feeling. Ive grown up using The Body Shops Body Butter's and think I will always use them. They always been my favorite. I've tired other cheaper brands but they didn't feel as good on my skin.

I didn't get any of the soaps to try or the lip butters. I have tired other Body Shop Lip Butters before and I love them! So I can't wait to get the chocolate one. 
They're great for dry, chapped lips as they condition and moisturize. 

The range will be out in early February so make sure you get some before it's all gone!
Overall I love this range and can't wait for it to come out and for you all to try it. :)
Chat soon.
Love, love...

Nadia x

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Good bye 2011, Hello 2012!

Heya :)
First off id like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! 2011 was a good year for me but I feel 2012 is going to be even better! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and got lovely gifts off Santa, family and friends.

As anyone who reads my blog knows I'm very bad for keeping it updated. But one of my resolutions for 2012 is to get my blog back up and running with updates alot more regularly.
I'm going to give my page a total re-vamp and I'll be also doing some giveaways throughout the year!

Until then,
Nadia x

Monday, September 26, 2011

Mascara Mini Haul

Heya all :) So as usual I suck with my updates, ye should be used to it by now. :P
But I've a good excuse this time, I've been busy clearing out things from the house, doing some re-decorating (I now have a gorgeous make up room! Pic‘s to follow).
I've been to see Taking Back Sunday in Dublin and Ive been organising my charity skydive for the South Westmeath Hospice in Athlone.

But during those weeks, (months!) I've obviously been buying make up.

I’ve bought a few mascara’s so I'm just going to do this update on them. And another on the rest of the make up I bought.
So first up Mascara’s. I LOVE mascara’s. I’m not quiet the label whore that I use to be. The way I think now it that its not about what brand you use, its how you use it.

These 4 Mascara’s are by Avon and were on offer at 2 for €12 which is brilliant. They had such a selection that I couldn’t just pick 2 so I picked 4. Its no harm having some extra as they always come in handy for my kit.

Avon SuperShock Mascara 10ml:
Available in Black  or Brown/Black. €12.
But part of the 2 for €12 offer.
I’ve tried this mascara before and I loved it.
I love the big brush/wand. It has a real high impact and separates the lashes beautifully. Will a few coats it makes your lashes look like you’re wearing falsies and really enhances your look.
Avon SuperExtend Mascara 7ml:
Available in Black or Brown/Black.  €12.75
Part of the 2 for €12 offer.
I’ve also never tried to this mascara before.  But I wasn’t overly excited about trying this one as I didn’t like the brush/wand. I usually prefer big brushes / wands as they separate the lashes better and give more volume. But anywho as I was saying I wasn’t over excited about this mascara as the brush / wand was a lot smaller and more comb like. As the name is “SuperExtend” it is suppose to give your lashes more length. To be honest, it didn’t give me the “Wow Factor” really.  I thought it was just average. :/ Sorry Avon!
Avon SuperEnhant Mascara 8ml:
Available in Black or Brown/Black.  €12.75
Part of the 2 for €12 offer.
I’ve never tired this mascara before but now that I have. I like it. It’s formulated with Botanical extracts and Royal Jelly which really conditions your lashes. The brush / wand is a nice size which is also curved / in an “8” shape. I found that this mascara is lightweight which is perfect for a day time look.
Avon ColourTrend Great Lengths Mascara 7ml:
I don’t really know much info on this mascara as I was sent this one by mistake. I didn’t notice it was the wrong one I ordered until after I had paid for my order. But I like this one and I'm happy with it. It has a nice sized brush / wand.
It applies nicely and is perfect for both day and night time looks.

L'Oreal Lash Architect 4D 12ml:
I’ve been wanting to try this mascara for ages! Not only was it on offer in Boots, Usually €16.49 but was on offer for I think it was 12 or 13 Euro, I can’t fully remember :S BUT I also got a free L'Oreal Real Chrome Intensity Eye shadow worth €7.49.
Happy days, more about that in my next update….
But back into the actual mascara. (I know I have a habit of going off topic, sorry! ) This mascara is available in black or brown. As I don’t like writing negative feedback about any product, but do like to give my honest opinion.
But I also didn’t get the “Wow Factor” once again from this mascara.

The brush /wand had a slight curve on it and was skinny but long. I know this was to create a 4D dimension but I wasn’t over enthusiastic about it. I found that the brush clumps a lot which wasn’t good and gave a messy application. Even though I had wiped the wand a few times it still re-clumped. So unfortunately I wouldn’t recommend this product. Sorry L'Oreal!

That’s it for my mascara “haul” as they call it. I was very happy with most of my purchases from Avon, as I saved over €20, happy days!
Until my next update.
Which will be soon I promise!

Chat soon,
Love, love...
Nadia x

Saturday, July 9, 2011

River Island Summer Sale.

Heya :) So as we are well into Summer. Well if your living in Ireland like me it doesn't seem that way will all that rain and thunder. Anywho, so last Thursday River Island's summer kicked off. I think River Islands Summer Sale was the most talked about sale in a long time. It was trending all day on Twitter in the UK & Ireland. So as I'm a recessionista I like to find some bargains, so off I went in for a look. I was lucky to find some goodies as I heard people were queuing outside the store since 5.30am the morning of the sale! Crazy if you ask me but sure what harm.

So here's what I bought:

Cute black Summer Dress With Orange and Blue
Detail Across The Bust. It Also Comes With Detachable Straps.
This was reduced from €33.50 to €12.00.

                                                  Green "Silk" Scarf With Floral Detail.
This Was Reduced From €17.50 to €6.00
I Love Scarves, I Have SO Many.
I Can't Wait To Wear This With Something Dressy Or Casual.

                                  Ok I Know Were In The Middle Of Summer But I Also 
                           Love Cute Hats For The Winter. I Also Have LOADS Beanie Hats.                            I Nearly Always Wear One In The Winter. 
        My Friends Always Tease Me For Buying Crazy Hats, But Meh I Love Them And They Keep Me Warm.That's What You Want In The Winter Right? The Colours In This One Caught My Attention And The Cute Pom Pom On The Top! This Was Reduced From €23.50 To €6.00, So I Couldn't Leave It Behind!

                  Set Of Silver Bracelets. What Got My Attention With These Bracelets Was The                     Hamsa Charm. I Love Them. These Were Reduced From €17.50 T0 €6.00.                                                             

Brown Leopard Print Espadrille Wedges With Wrap Around Detail.
As I'm A HUGE Leopard Print Lover, Ive Had My Eye On These Leopard Print Wedges Since The Start Of Summer.
And Kept Meaning To Go In And Buy Them. 
But Anyany I Was Lucky To Find A Pair In My Size And Them Being On Sale.
These Were €40.00 Reduced To Only €12.00! Bargain! ^_^

So that's what I bought in the River Island sale.  I was very happy with my purchases!
Did you find anything nice in the RI sale? Let me know. :)

Chat soon.
Love, love...
Nadia x

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Heya :) So as I've said before my blog is not for just make up, beauty and fashion. It is for also everyday life. And part of my everyday life is my dog Harley, who is my baby.
Like most dogs Harley is VERY hyper and can disappear from my sight within seconds. So I always like to keep him safe and well from the country roads he sometimes does be on.
A very good friend of mine suggested that I get him a high visibility ReflectoCollar.
With Harley's safety one of my main priorities I jumped at the chance.


"Our entire catalogue is made with Pet and Human safety in mind. Our high Visibility Reflectable Collars provide better visibility for your Dog while out and about Day and Night. This in turn offers motorists an opportunity to easily slow down, identifying you and your Dog while walking. Reflectocollars are available in a range of different sizes for all types of Dogs". 

The ReflectoCollars come in a range of colours, widths and lengths in either a D Ring or O Ring  type collar. They are 100% waterproof , odour free and lightweight. Not only do ReflectoCollars keep your dog safe but they are also stylish. :) They range from €12 and ReflectoLeads are also available to buy from their webstore
and all good retailers around Ireland. They also ship worldwide but postage and packaging may vary from each country. 

Neon Green, D Ring ReflectoCollar.
Harley modeling his new ReflectoCollar which he loves!
For all you pet lover's like me, I hope you found this update useful. :)

Chat soon.
Love, love...
Nadia x

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sedona Lace Blush And Contour Palette Review.

Heya :) Hope all is well with everyone. So a couple of weeks ago I purchased some Sedona Lace products from their webstore
I bought the 10 blush palette and the contour and blush palette. My order came very quick and I was notified by both email and twitter that my order was dispatched which I thought was very good customer service. My order was also delivered very quick and the packaging was well wrapped.  

10 Blush Palette… $15.95 / €11.10 (approx).
“Everyone knows that makeup is never complete without blush. We have introduced a palette with 10 shades varying from light pink to deep dark pink as well as a couple of neutral blushes. This palette is perfect for anyone who loves blush, 10 different shades in one palette!”

Mica, Mineral Oil, Kaolin, Titanium Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Isopropyl Palmitate, Lanolin, Methylparaben, Propylparaben. May Contain: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Ultramarine Blue, FD&C Red No.40 A1 Lake, FD&C Red No.7 Ca Lake, FD&C Yellow No.5 A1 Lake, FD&C Blue No.1 A1 Lake.

My Opinion
I love these blushers as they come in a sleek black matt palette with the Sedona Lace name and logo on the front. The shades range from natural golden glow to summer tropical coral and even gorgeous hot pink. The pan’s are medium sized and the pigmentation is quiet strong so they do blend well and most importantly they last long. So you only need to apply a small amount. The only thing I dislike about the blushers is that they are a tiny bit talc-y / too powdery when you apply them but after there blended, they are perfectly fine. But for less then €12 I think these blushers are great.

10 Gorgeous Blushers, With Flash.
Left to Right, Top and Bottom.
Excuse the bad quality of the swatches, I suck at them :(

6 Contour and Blush Palette… €17.95 / €12.50 (approx).
“2 in 1 palette contains 6 large pans for contouring, shading and blush. All 6 colors are matte and come in a durable packaged case to make it very convenient to use and travel with”.

Mica, Mineral Oil, Kaolin, Titanium Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Isopropyl Palmitate, Lanolin, Methylparaben, Proplparaben.

My Opinion
This palette is class! The pans are HUGE. They also come in a sleek black matt palette with the Sedona Lace name and logo on the front. The pigmentation is also strong in these so only a little amount is need when applying. It comes with 4 contour shades and 2 blushers. The contour shades range from pure white to a gorgeous mocha. The blushers are a beautiful baby doll pink and a hot bubblegum pink. These are also a tiny bit talc-y / too powdery when you apply them but after there blended, they are perfectly fine. 

The Front Of The Blush & Contour Palette, With Flash.

Contour & Blush Palette, With Flash.
                                              As You Can See The Pan's Are HUGE! :D

I think both palettes were great value. But the international shipping cost more than the actual products. The shipping to Ireland cost $20.34 / €14.11 approx. And I got a discount of $4. The Sedona Lace webstore nearly always has offers on shipping like a discount or even free shipping within the US. 
But saying that I definitely will be ordering from the Sedona Lace webstore again soon.
Have you tried any Sedona Lace products? Let me know if you have and what you think of your purchase(s). :)

Chat soon,
Love, love...

Nadia. x