Thursday, October 14, 2010

Autumn / Winter Make-Up Trends 2010

Heya :) so as Ive been neglecting my blog alot lately to due to being lazy really, I'm going to blog more about things I buy, mostly make-up and give you my opinion on it.
So anywho onto this years Autumn/Winter make-up trend!

This Autumn/Winter looks includes smokey eyes, red berry lips, matte skin, colorful eyeshadows and natural/nude looking makeup. 

A natural look is about flawless skin so it is important that you take care of your skin to keep it looking it's best. So with along with using your daily facial cleanser, use a moisturiser cream with a medium to high SPF to protect your skin from harmful and aging effects from the sun. You mightn't think you need it but you do. Also your blush should match either your eyes or your lips. But in any case the cheeks should be emphasized.

And now onto some of my personal favourite looks, smokey eyes and red lips. 
Dark lips and fall fashion seem to go hand in hand, and this season is no exception. To keep your vampy lips from looking too goth, keep your eye makeup light and stick to mascara and a nude shadow, or just skip it altogether. Another difference in the dark lip trend for Autumn 2010 is the finish. Matte lipstick is out - glossy, moisturizing lipstick pencils are in!
Also full false eyelashes aren't in this season, as they are compensated by the shaded dark pencil at the out corner of the eye line. But if you really want to make your eyes really pop,use some individual false eyelashes on the outer upper edge for a more dramatic feline eye.

Eyebrows! I don't know why but I've always had a "thing" for eyebrows. Ive always had hideous eyebrows growing up and now in my twenties they seem to be no different. I try to keep them "tamed" but my right eyebrow just has a weird shape. And yes I know the famous saying "Eyebrows should be sisters, not twins" but I just hate mine so I just draw then on. Anyway, eyebrows are a really important part of the face and make up application. They can totally just lift your face in an instant and just really defines the face. I personally wouldn't recommend someone to do them themselves, if its plucking or waxing. Some people get abit too brave and before they know it, they've taken WAY too much off. So leave it to the professional ladies!

This season eyebrows can vary wildly, from pencil thin or even completely drawn on to wild and unruly, and the trend this season is definitely leaning toward the thick side. That doesn't mean you should toss out your tweezers altogether, but saying that you're still going to need them to remove stragglers and shape brows for that bold, groomed look. If your brows aren't naturally dark, consider investing in some brow cake with wax or pencil. I personally just use a dark eyeshadow on mine. Darkening your brows will help frame your face and draw attention to your eyes.

So that's enough for now. Can't wait to get glammed up and try out these looks for a night out.
As always Id like to hear feedback :) Have fun trying out these looks.

-Nadia x

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's finally Autumn!

Heya everyone, hope you all are keeping well :) I haven't posted an update is abit so will do so now. As you have all noticed a change in the weather, it is finally Autumn! My favourite time of year. I love this time of year for many reasons, the weather gets alot cooler but still sunny, the leaves are changing colour / falling, it's time to dig out the knitwear, chunky tights and leather boots. But most of all Hallowe'en :D

I'm just going to post some nice pictures of this season that I've found online or have taken myself. If you'd like to use any of the pictures Ive taken, I don't mind at all but please ask before you take them.  :)

This picture was taken by me in Central Park, NYC 2008.
I was just getting use to using my new camera :)

Cute little squirrel playing around on the trees.
This picture was taken by me in Central Park, NYC 2008.

Crunching through the leaves in Central Park in my new Nolan's :)

I liked the colours of this bird so I just took a picture of it.
I don't know much about birds so I don't know what kind of bird it is even.
If anyone knows, let me know.

Change of colour in Sycamore leaves throughout the seasons.

This picture was taken by me at the John Lennon Memorial in the Strawberry Fields in Central Park, NYC 2008

"The monument is a circular mosaic of black and white marble tiles and in the center is the title of John Lennon's song, "Imagine". It is flat and you can walk over it but everyone walks around it because there are daily arrangements of flowers from visitors and endearing fans. It was created in John Lennon's memory by Yoko Ono."

So that's enough for now, next up is autumn/winter make-up trends 2010. :)
-Nadia x