Monday, March 28, 2011

Penney's "Foiling Around" Nail Foils

Heya. :) Hope ye all are keeping well and enjoying the sunshine. 
Well here in Athlone the weather has been amazing the last few days. I hope it stays like this for another few weeks. It's such feel good weather. We all need some Vitamin D to give us a spring in our step! 
Anywho, I was in Penney’s, (Primark in the U.K.), with my Mam last week and she picked me out some foils for my nails! I had seen this on  Xposé last summer but didn’t see them around much after that. But saying that they are really popular with celebs, such as Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. The first brand/company to bring them out were Minx, it's what most of celebs wear. But they are expensive. Now alot of high street places like Topshop and Penney's have brought out there own range.

The Minx foils vary in price, depending on the style and the salon. But they are usually around €30. The one I picked up in Penney's were only €3.50 which is a bargain. They only had one design though and they were black and white polka dots but I'm sure they’ll get more in over the next few weeks.

There are 18 foils in the pack and come with a set of instructions also.

What you will need for your application:
  • Nail file.
  • Nail buffer.
  • Cuticle pusher.
  • Scissors.
  • Hair dryer.
  1. Manicure your nails. Trim nails and push back cuticles.
  2. Buff nails lightly to remove oily layer.
  3. Remove any file dust with a damp cloth.
  4. Remove the punch out piece from the backing film that covers all 9 nail foils.
  5. Select the nail foil that is closest to the size of your nail and trim with a scissors to fit exactly.
  6. Peel the nail foil backing film.
  7. Grasping between the thumb and index finger, lay the rounded edge against the cuticle.
  8. Once in place, rub all areas of the nail foil firmly with a cuticle pusher.
  9. Rub all areas of the nail foil firmly.
  10. For best results, (which I feel worked better), warm up nail foils with a hair dryer on LOW setting. Then crease the excess around the nail edge.
  11. Then crease the excess around the nail edge. Stick over layer edge onto fingertip and file off the excess in a gentle downward motion using a fine nail file. And you're done! :)
To Remove:
  1. Wash hands in warm soapy water.
  2. Or for better results, warm nails using a hair dryer and gently peel the nail foils off. 
 The end result! What do you think? :)

I think they look pretty cool for my first try. I hope Penney's bring out more designs.
Chat soon,
Nadia. x

    Sunday, March 13, 2011

    Iron Fist Spring / Summer 2011 Collection

    Heya :) Time for another update. But first off I hope you all are having a great weekend. Now….onto the goodies. So Iron Fist have brought out there Spring / Summer 2011 Collection and I for one LOVE IT!
    The shoes, clothes and accessories are amazing! Since my birthday is coming up in a few weeks I'm going to treat myself and get some new gear.

    Here are some of my favourite pieces from the collection. 
    Go check out the rest of the collection HERE
    Some of the prices are in dollars, sterling and converted to euro.  
    Each website will vary in price.

    Ladies Barrio Muertos Extra Length Cardigan $70.00 / €50.10

    Santeria Handbag £34.99 / €40.29

    Santeria Wallet £24.99 / €28.78

    Drop Dead Sandal Purple / Turquoise £24.95 / €17.85

     Drop Dead Sandal Purple / Black £24.95 / €17.85

    Sugar Witch Platform $45.00 / €32.20

    Here I Lie Wedges $50.00 / €35.78

    NYC Survivor Platform $50.00 / €35.78

    So theres some of my favourites from the S/S Collection, I'm definitely going to be ordering some soon. The euro prices are not accurate as I just converted them online, it will probably cost more here in Ireland, with taxes, shipping, etc.  
    So yeah, if you like Iron Fist, have a look online and let me know what you think and what are some of your favourites pieces. :) 
    And if anyone from Iron Fist happens to be reading this and would like me to rock some of the new collection here in Ireland I would be extremely happy to and I can be contacted at

    Chat soon, 
    Nadia. x

    Saturday, March 12, 2011

    Wonder Woman Collection

    Hey again :) So onto another update. I still have quiet abit to talk about! As we all know were finally into March which means the WONDER WOMAN COLLECTION is now available in Ireland! ^_^ This makes me very happy! 
    While I was in Dublin last week, I called into MAC in Brown Thomas to have a look and pick up some pieces of the collection. I would of liking to have bought more but lack of funds stopped me. But I did pick up 2 lip glasses and a lipstick!

    The shades I bought are:
    Lipstick- Shade: Spitfire - Bright creamy magenta (satin) (limited edition). €19.00

    Lipglass- Shade: Emancipation - Pale neutral pink (limited edition). €21.50

    Lipglass- Shade: Athena’s Kiss - Bright blue fuchsia (limited edition). €21.50

    Swatch, without flash.

    Same as above, with flash.

    The lipglasses are abit more expensive in this collection because they are larger than the regular ones. I prefer these sized ones because not only do you get more product but the brushes/applicator is better. 
    I love what I bought, the colours are so fresh and summery. That can be used both for day and night looks. I think I may have to take another trip to Dublin to buy more. Id like to get another lipstick in Marquis d’ and a powder blush duo in Mighty Aphrodite.
    I'm such a make up junkie I know! But I love it! :D
    While I was in MAC I also picked up a black eye kohl pencil €17.50 and some prep + prime, transparent finishing powder...
    "A silky finishing powder that provides an invisible way to set makeup. Reduces shine while optically minimizing the look of pores, lines, imperfections. Available in one universal colour that suits all shades. Wear over makeup or on bare, moisturized skin." €24.50.

    The goodies I bought! :)

    Ive been using the prep + prime since I bought it and I love it. I cant fault it at all. I love the soft, matt finish it leaves on my skin. So that's it for now. 

    Chat soon, 
    Nadia. x

    I'm Back!

    Heya :) So I’ve been neglecting my blog lately, things have been busy but I'm going to get back on track now! I traveled a good bit back and forth to Dublin during the last month. My brother Tony threw a Super bowl Party as our team the Pittsburgh Steelers were playing. Only to get bet by the Green Bay Packers. Oh well! >:| I'll still wear my jersey with pride. :D
    Even though the Steelers lost, we all had such a fun night and got to hang out with old and new friends.  (Hiiii Bronagh! x).

    Then My Chemical Romance were back in town on February 16th and played a great show in the 02 Dublin. It was so good to see them again after a couple of years. They played a lot of stuff from there new album "Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys". And some really old stuff from "I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love". It was a class gig and I got to catch up with some close friends, which is always fun. :)

    Mikey Way, My Chemical Romance. 
    Picture taken my me. Not a great one, because I didn't fancy being in the Pitt.

    RAG Week was upon us again in the A.I.T. I haven’t been out for rag week since I was a student here in town so I decided to head out one of the nights with the girlie's.
    We went out on the Tuesday night as The Rubberbandits were playing in Karma Nightclub. It was a really fun night but wasn’t organized too well, sorry Karma! I'm not sure the exact amount the A.I.T. made but I know it was a great amount. 

     The Rubberbandits.
    Picture taken by me.

    Then my next gig was Bruno Mars, on March 9th. Bruno (real name, Peter Hernandez) played a sold out show in the Olympia Theater, Dublin. It was such a class gig. I personally love gigs in the Olympia, even though it is a fairly big venue the gigs there are intimate which gives the artist a chance to kind of interact properly with fans and the likes. Bruno plays with a 5 piece band, The Hooligans, Who were amazing.The day after the gig I was extremely lucky to receive a signed copy of "Doo-Wops & Hooligans" in the post from my brother. Happy days! ^_^

     Bruno Mars.
    All pictures taken by me.

    So while I was in Dublin I called into MAC in Brown Thomas to pick up some of the amazing Wonder Woman Collection. I’ll talk more about that in my next update.

    As always, thank you for reading, feel free to follow my blog, leave comments, feedback, etc.

    Chat soon,
    Nadia. x