Friday, August 27, 2010

Avenged Sevenfold Announce Dublin Show

So yeah as you probably have heard Avenged Sevenfold have announced via the bands official website, Deathbat News, Twitter and Facebook that they will play Dublin, Ireland 2010. No date has been announced yet.

When I heard that Avenged were going to be touring the UK, I decided I didn't want to go and see them. I wanted to remember them as a 5 piece with The Rev. I know that sounds a lil lame, but he was my favourite member of the band. Ive been lucky to have met him and the rest of the guys a few times that they have been here. But as an Irish show has been announced my mind has changed, I know I would only be kicking myself after if I didn't go.
I know it'll be a fun but sad show without Jimmy, but I know he'll  be with us partying away. :)

"Left this life to set me free,
Took a piece of you inside of me.
  All this hurt can finally fade,
Promise me you'll never feel afraid."
 foREVer Jimmy <3
See you in the Afterlife.

-Nadia x

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Macbeth Footwear Autumn/Fall 2010

So finally the Macbeth Fall shoes are out! Woohoo! :D And they are sweet!
When I seen the preview pictures before summer I knew which ones I wanted to get straight away...."The Nolan - Purple/Leopard Cassadee Pope" ones. I mean *sigh* They.are.class.
I started wearing Macbeths a good few years ago, about 5 or 6? Could be more, can't remember. As much as I love my shoes, I could safely say if I had to, I would wear Macbeths for the rest of my life. Why? Well because they are so comfortable, most are vegan, they are heavily influence by music and other creative artists (which im ALL about) and of course they are stylish.

A little bit about Macbeth Footwear....
Macbeth Footwear (previously known as "Macbeth Athletics") is a company founded by Tom De Longe and Mark Hoppus from Blink-182. The company was founded in 2001. It is a Southern Californian brand of footwear, apparel and accessories, including vegan and organic products. Macbeths main online source is , which was also founded by Tom and Mark. Mark sold his share in the company after the indefinite hiatus of Blink-182.

So onto the good stuff....My Wish List...
Name of Shoe : Nolan 
Designed By : Cassadee Pope From "Hey Monday"
Colour : Purple / Leopard
Price / Cost : €85.00  

"The Nolan is a cold process high-top lasted specifically for women. This version is designed by Cassadee Pope, the energetic lead vocalist for Hey Monday. At 19 years of age Cassadee brings a youthful and creative design to this collaboration with this an in-your-face purple suede and leopard high top Nolan. This special limited edition won't last long!"  ....*licks screen* LOVE these ^_^

Name of Shoe : Nolan 
Colour : Black / Orchid Satin. Vegan
Price / Cost : €75.00

"The Nolan is a cold process high-top lasted specifically for women, with deco embroidery details on the heel, eyerow and vamp. Contoured upper pattern creates another stylish Macbeth classic."

Name of Shoe : Nolan 
Colour: Grey / Purple Suede Leather
Price / Cost :  €80.00

"The Nolan is a cold process high-top lasted specifically for women, with deco embroidery details on the heel, eyerow and vamp. Contoured upper pattern creates another stylish Macbeth classic."  What I like about these Nolan's is that they remind me of Gabe Saporta for some reason, think its the purple, and even though these are girls shoes, I think these are a kinda style Gabe would wear. :)
Name of Shoe :Brighton Girl's
Colour:Black / Cream / Orchid
Price / Cost :  €75.00

"The Brighton is Macbeth’s newest and most comfortable shoe! In 1964 hundreds of Mods and Rockers took to the streets in the English town of Brighton clashing and rioting and running through the streets to get away from the police...You should check out the movie Quadrophenia for a better idea about the event that inspired the shoe. With all that running from the cops, we were inspired to design a modern update to a classic t-toe jogger featuring a completely new outsole with medial arch wrap as well as an exposed molded eva midsole. Hidden within the heel of the eva midsole is an additional soft cushion pocket for added heel impact reduction.“Zero Seam” lining construction with a small amount of padding allows the upper form to your foot like the shoe was custom made to fit your foot!"
I have to be honest about these, I didn't like them at first. I got a pair of the guys ones for my Brother a few weeks ago and I didnt like them when he first showed me. But now that ive seen the girls one's, I love them. Strange, but thats me I guess.

So yeah thats about it really. As you probably guessed I like the Nolan Macbeth's ALOT. :D No more weekends out, gotta save for all my Wish List. :)

-Nadia x

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains Collection for Disney Fall 2010

U.S. Launch Date: September 30th, 2010 (online as early as 27th)
International Launch Date: October 2010

"A potion to poison, an apple to bite, a spell to cast… Bad never looked so good. A crystal ball of colour created from our favourite Disney Venomous Villains, inspired by the three most infamously frosty, fabulous and formidable of Disney’s dark ladies… and one dastardly Dr. Facilier."

A MAC and Disney collaboration to celebrate the dark side in every one of us, in a glamorous sort of way. Who’s the fairest one of all? Four separate mini-collections, in haute animated couture. The incomparable Cruella De Vil and Snow White’s Evil Queen are dazzlingly devilish; Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent and The Princess and the Frog’s Dr. Facilier, both up to no good on their own. Uniquely designed iconic packaging you will kill for, cunning characters and bedeviled beauties that are so alluring, you can’t help but wonder what it would be like to be one!

Some say they are disappointed with MAC as they say the packaging looks cheap and tacky, but I kinda like them to be honest. I can't wait to get my hands on some of it. But as always with MAC's special edition collections, they sell out fast, so start saving those pennies my dears! :)

Cruella De Vill  
Eyeshadows :
Sweet Joy - Frosted creamy pale gold (Frost) (Limited Edition) (Repromote from Passions of Red).
De-Vil - Rich copper  (Veluxe Pearl) (Limited Edition).
Carbon - Black (Matte) (Permanent).

Lipstick :
Innocence Beware - Light yellow pink (Cream Sheen) (Limited Edition).
Heartless - Cherry red (Amplified) (Limited Edition).

Wicked Ways - Deep fuchsia with pink pearl (Limited Edition).
Devilishly Stylish - Light nude with gold pearl (Limited Edition).

Powder Blush:
Dark My Dear - Dirty brown plum (Matte) (Limited Edition).

Pressed Powder:
Her Own Devices - Cool nude (Limited Edition).


Evil Queen
Her Alter Image - Light violet (Veluxe Pearl) (Limited Edition).
Vainglorious - Bronze burgundy (Frost) (Limited Edition).
Vile Violet - Deep dirty blue purple (Matte) (Limited Edition).

Toxic Tale - Bright coral (Satin) (Limited Edition).
Sinister - Soft brown plum (Lustre) (Limited Edition).

Strange Potion - Soft coral pink (Limited Edition).
Hot House - Deep raspberry with pink pearl (Limited Edition) (Repromote from Strange Hybrid).

Powder Blush:
Bite Of An Apple - Soft coral pink (Matte) (Limited Edition).

Oh So Fair - Clean pink with gold (Pearl) (Limited Edition).

Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo:
My Dark Magic - Deep pink with pink (Pearl) / Deep plum with purple (Pearl) (Limited Edition).
She Who Dares - Deep navy with blue (Pearl) / Deep forest green with lime green (Pearl) (Limited Edition).

Violetta - Bright clean violet purple (Amplified) (MAC PRO).
Dark Deed - Burgundy plum (Amplified) (Limited Edition).

Revenge is Sweet - Light yellow purple (Limited Edition).
Wrong Spell - Deep plum with pink purple (Limited Edition).

Briar Rose - Soft violet pink with (Pearl) (Limited Edition).

Nail Varnish / Polish:
Bad Fairy - Red with red multi-changing (Pearl) (Limited Edition).
Formidable - Teal green with pink multi-changing (Pearl) (Limited Edition).
Mean & Green - Purple with teal multi-changing (Pearl) (Limited Edition).


Dr. Facilier
MAC Magically Cool Liquid Powder:
Truth & Light - Sheer (Shimmer) that reflects silver and pink (Limited Edition).
Cajun - Sheer bronze (Shimmer) that reflects gold (Limited Edition).

Resort Life - Off white with pink (Pearl) (Limited Edition) (Repromote from Lillyland).

Greasepaint Stick:
Slick Black - True carbon black (Limited Edition) (Repromote).
French Quarter - Dirty black green with multi-colour (Pearl) (Limited Edition).

Melon - Soft bright golden peach (Frost) (Permanent).
Brash & Bold - Bright magenta (Frost) (Limited Edition) (Repromote from Makeup Art Cosmetics).
Push The Edge - Deep bright purple with pearl (Frost) (Limited Edition) (Repromote from Makeup Art Cosmetics).

MAC I'm So Vain Mirror:
- Compact inspired by collaboration, interior contains standard mirror on one side and magnifying mirror on alternative side (Limited Edition).

I think the colours are great for the Fall / Winter trends as nudes and natural colours are all in with a dash of the vivid colours to glam it up abit. Anywho, that's enough for now to keep you make up lovers going :)

-Nadia x

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sophie Lancaster

Sophie Lancaster was a victim of a tragic attack along with her boyfriend Robert Maltby, while walking through Stubbylee Park in Bacup, Rossendale in Lancashire in the United Kingdom on Saturday 11 August 2007. As a result of her severe head injuries she went into a coma and never regained consciousness. On 24 August 2007 her family agreed to switch off her life support and she passed away. The attack was so vicious that she wasn't even recognizable to her Mother. The marks of their trainers were still visable on her head. 

Sophie and Robert were attacked simply because of how they looked, the were Goths.

This is a video of basically what happened that dreadfull day...
 Sophie Lancaster Dark Angel Video

Sophie's parents said...
"We were proud to know our daughter. She was funny, kind, loving and brave. She was a beautiful girl with a social conscience and values which made her a joy to know. Not being able to see her blossom into her full potential or even to see her smile again is a tragedy beyond words".

"The thing that makes me most angry is that it is seen as an isolated incident, maybe the seriousness of what happened to Sophie is isolated, but attacks are far from isolated. Just because you follow a different culture you are targeted; you are seen as easy pickings".

Since Sophie's death, family and friends felt that a charity should be set up in Sophie’s name. The charity, known as The Sophie Lancaster Foundation, will focus on creating respect for and understanding of subcultures in our communities. It will also work in conjunction with politicians and police forces to ensure individuals who a part of subcultures are protected by the law.

The aims and objectives of the Charity are as follows:
  • To create a lasting legacy to Sophie.
  • To provide educational group-works that will challenge the prejudice and intolerance towards people from alternative subcultures.
  • To campaign to have the UK Hate Crime legislation extended to include people from “alternative subcultures” or “Lifestyle and Dress”.

So far, to meet these aims and objectives we have promoted the Foundation nationally and internationally, ensuring Sophie is recognised in the media and elsewhere. This has involved Sylvia Lancaster being interviewed many times for TV and Newspapers and many magazines have included features on Sophie’s death and the work of Sylvia in setting up the Foundation. Including a “Tonight With Trevor McDonald” special. The partnership with Illamasqua and Propaganda has proved invaluable and The Foundation is proud to work with them. Their profile in the beauty and business world has carried the work of the Foundation into new areas and brought new supporters and collaborators to join us.

£3 from every black medium pencil by Illamasqua, named in the honor of Sophie, goes to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

Wrist bands, Bloodstock Wristbands, Hoodies, Tank Tops, Tote Bags, Umbrella's are also available.

It's sad to think that in this day and age, this violence is happening. Help raise awareness of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation and keep her legacy alive...
Sleep well Sophie...

-Nadia x

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Return Of Blink-182

As Blink 182 are back on the scene after 6 years and have started there European tour.
They've got nothing but great reviews on the shows they've played so far.
They play the 02 Dublin, Ireland on August 31st and I seriously cannot wait.
Last time I seen them I was 17 and was lucky enough to meet Mark Hoppus.
Fingers crossed that this time it'll be Travis Barker. :)
Good to see some of there greatest hits on the set list :)

01 Dumpweed
02 Feeling This
03 The Rock Show
04 What's My Age Again?
05 I Miss You
06 Stay Together For The Kids
07 Down
08 Always
09 Stockholm Syndrome
10 First Date
11 Man Overboard
12 Don't Leave Me
13 Not Now
14 All The Small Things
15 Reckless Abandon
16 Josie
17 Anthem Part 2

18 Carousel
19 Dammit

 The original Blink bunny...

What he looks like now...

And of course the famous smiley face...

And the newer one which has 6 arrows instead of 5.

So yeah, theres a lil ramble about blink.
So looking forward to the show over here. :)
Anywho ramble over.

-Nadia x

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Urban Decay Setting Sprays

Has anyone tired any of these setting sprays by Urban Decay?
I know they've been out a number of weeks now for Summer 2010.
They are…. 

“A Make Up Setting Spray that will ensure that your make-up won’t budge for 16 hours. Weightless but powerful, the All Nighter Spray temperature control technology keeps your makeup from melting down when it’s warm and humid or dehydrating when it’s cold and windy. It also prevents loss of colour, sliding, cracking, excess shine, fading blush, drooping eyeshadow and lip colour disappearance. All Nighter is simply unlike any other product available and keeps you looking… flawless.” 

Fancy… :P Let me know what you think of them if you’ve tried any :) 

-Nadia x

My First Post...

Ok so im new to all this and to be honest I don’t know if I’ll keep it.
Im going to blog coz I couldn’t be bothered doing youtube video’s.
I couldn’t just sit there and talk to a camera.
Anywho, I’ll give this a go… Why I picked the name Girl About Town is because it’s my all time favourite lipstick from MAC. Ok enough ranting and raving.  :)

-Nadia x