Wednesday, December 1, 2010

When Im Not Painting Faces

Heya :) So as your all probably use to it now. For those that actually read my blog. Ive been neglecting my updates yet again. But I was really busy the past month. But anyway.

So first off. Ive finally graduated!!! ^__^ I am now a qualified Make Up Artist.  
Woowhoo! I graduated on the 6th of this month, (November) and at the minute I'm currently building up my portfolio. So my graduation took place in the RDS Concert Hall in Dublin and to be honest it was a great day. I wasn't the college type person and I'm so proud of myself for passing my exams and graduating. :) Both my parents travelled up with me for the ceremony, and they enjoyed it just as much as I did. 


Then I went to see Avenged Sevenfold in Dublin on the 8th. It was kinda weird to see them again without Jimmy. :( </3 But I know that if I didn't go I would of been kicking myself later. They performed well and Mike Portnoy was amazing but he will never fill The Rev's shoes as far as im concerned. As Jimmy was part Irish, I got an Ireland Jersey with his surname printed on the back to give his parents. I gave it to Matt and he said that he would personally make sure Jimmy's parents would get it and that it was a lovely thought. He himself loved it and said Jimmy's parents would too. So that made me extremely happy. ^_^

I didn't get to hang out with the band this time they were in Dublin, but I got to say a quick hello to Matt and his wife Val [ she was really sweet :) ]. They played for over an hour and as I already said they preformed well but I don't think id go to see them again.
foREVer <3
Then I went on a mini break to Liverpool with my good friend Elaine. I was never there before. Elaine use to live there and was always inviting me over, so I finally went.
I LOVED IT there! It is such a pretty city with so much to do. Even the accent is amazing! I think I even prefer Liverpool to London. As we were only there for 2 nights we didn't have much time to see all we had planned but we did get to do some shopping! Along with picking up some Christmas presents for my family, I picked up some gorgeous Nightmare Before Christmas decorations for my Christmas tree in the DISNEY STORE! ^_^ One of my favourite shops. I'll post some pictures of them when I put my tree up. I also got to see where she use to work and met some of her lovely friends. I think I can safely say we will be definatley be taking a trip back again soon. :)


So as I'm always looking to try new things, Ive started a new hobby. Re-designing and painting old furniture! My dog Harley was the reason behind this new hobby. When he was a pup he started chewing all my furniture, mainly my chairs in the kitchen. So after searching for single chairs to use my Aunt had some old wooden ones that she gave me. They looked pretty dull and boring so I decided to funk them up abit. I have 4. Each are have different designs and are hand painted and papered by me.

These have been done for quiet awhile now, but the were the first of my creations. :)
I have got LOADS of compliments about them and people asking to buy them. But these are not for sale. So a friend of mine approached me asking would I like to submit some pieces to a Christmas craft fair she was holding. So I jumped at the chance. And here are 2 of the few pieces I submitted. :)

Beano Comic Lamp/Coffee Table

 Top Table Up Close

Leopard Print Kisses Coffee Table

Top Of The Table

Both pieces are available to buy. For information on them or any of my work. You can contact me by emailing

As always thanks for reading my blog. Feel free to follow and I'll follow back. :)
More updates tomorrow. [ I promise ;) ].

-Nadia x

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