Monday, September 26, 2011

Mascara Mini Haul

Heya all :) So as usual I suck with my updates, ye should be used to it by now. :P
But I've a good excuse this time, I've been busy clearing out things from the house, doing some re-decorating (I now have a gorgeous make up room! Pic‘s to follow).
I've been to see Taking Back Sunday in Dublin and Ive been organising my charity skydive for the South Westmeath Hospice in Athlone.

But during those weeks, (months!) I've obviously been buying make up.

I’ve bought a few mascara’s so I'm just going to do this update on them. And another on the rest of the make up I bought.
So first up Mascara’s. I LOVE mascara’s. I’m not quiet the label whore that I use to be. The way I think now it that its not about what brand you use, its how you use it.

These 4 Mascara’s are by Avon and were on offer at 2 for €12 which is brilliant. They had such a selection that I couldn’t just pick 2 so I picked 4. Its no harm having some extra as they always come in handy for my kit.

Avon SuperShock Mascara 10ml:
Available in Black  or Brown/Black. €12.
But part of the 2 for €12 offer.
I’ve tried this mascara before and I loved it.
I love the big brush/wand. It has a real high impact and separates the lashes beautifully. Will a few coats it makes your lashes look like you’re wearing falsies and really enhances your look.
Avon SuperExtend Mascara 7ml:
Available in Black or Brown/Black.  €12.75
Part of the 2 for €12 offer.
I’ve also never tried to this mascara before.  But I wasn’t overly excited about trying this one as I didn’t like the brush/wand. I usually prefer big brushes / wands as they separate the lashes better and give more volume. But anywho as I was saying I wasn’t over excited about this mascara as the brush / wand was a lot smaller and more comb like. As the name is “SuperExtend” it is suppose to give your lashes more length. To be honest, it didn’t give me the “Wow Factor” really.  I thought it was just average. :/ Sorry Avon!
Avon SuperEnhant Mascara 8ml:
Available in Black or Brown/Black.  €12.75
Part of the 2 for €12 offer.
I’ve never tired this mascara before but now that I have. I like it. It’s formulated with Botanical extracts and Royal Jelly which really conditions your lashes. The brush / wand is a nice size which is also curved / in an “8” shape. I found that this mascara is lightweight which is perfect for a day time look.
Avon ColourTrend Great Lengths Mascara 7ml:
I don’t really know much info on this mascara as I was sent this one by mistake. I didn’t notice it was the wrong one I ordered until after I had paid for my order. But I like this one and I'm happy with it. It has a nice sized brush / wand.
It applies nicely and is perfect for both day and night time looks.

L'Oreal Lash Architect 4D 12ml:
I’ve been wanting to try this mascara for ages! Not only was it on offer in Boots, Usually €16.49 but was on offer for I think it was 12 or 13 Euro, I can’t fully remember :S BUT I also got a free L'Oreal Real Chrome Intensity Eye shadow worth €7.49.
Happy days, more about that in my next update….
But back into the actual mascara. (I know I have a habit of going off topic, sorry! ) This mascara is available in black or brown. As I don’t like writing negative feedback about any product, but do like to give my honest opinion.
But I also didn’t get the “Wow Factor” once again from this mascara.

The brush /wand had a slight curve on it and was skinny but long. I know this was to create a 4D dimension but I wasn’t over enthusiastic about it. I found that the brush clumps a lot which wasn’t good and gave a messy application. Even though I had wiped the wand a few times it still re-clumped. So unfortunately I wouldn’t recommend this product. Sorry L'Oreal!

That’s it for my mascara “haul” as they call it. I was very happy with most of my purchases from Avon, as I saved over €20, happy days!
Until my next update.
Which will be soon I promise!

Chat soon,
Love, love...
Nadia x

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