Sunday, March 13, 2011

Iron Fist Spring / Summer 2011 Collection

Heya :) Time for another update. But first off I hope you all are having a great weekend. Now….onto the goodies. So Iron Fist have brought out there Spring / Summer 2011 Collection and I for one LOVE IT!
The shoes, clothes and accessories are amazing! Since my birthday is coming up in a few weeks I'm going to treat myself and get some new gear.

Here are some of my favourite pieces from the collection. 
Go check out the rest of the collection HERE
Some of the prices are in dollars, sterling and converted to euro.  
Each website will vary in price.

Ladies Barrio Muertos Extra Length Cardigan $70.00 / €50.10

Santeria Handbag £34.99 / €40.29

Santeria Wallet £24.99 / €28.78

Drop Dead Sandal Purple / Turquoise £24.95 / €17.85

 Drop Dead Sandal Purple / Black £24.95 / €17.85

Sugar Witch Platform $45.00 / €32.20

Here I Lie Wedges $50.00 / €35.78

NYC Survivor Platform $50.00 / €35.78

So theres some of my favourites from the S/S Collection, I'm definitely going to be ordering some soon. The euro prices are not accurate as I just converted them online, it will probably cost more here in Ireland, with taxes, shipping, etc.  
So yeah, if you like Iron Fist, have a look online and let me know what you think and what are some of your favourites pieces. :) 
And if anyone from Iron Fist happens to be reading this and would like me to rock some of the new collection here in Ireland I would be extremely happy to and I can be contacted at

Chat soon, 
Nadia. x

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