Tuesday, September 7, 2010

MAC Holiday 2010 Collection

So there been some buzz online about MAC's Fall/Holiday 2010 Collection "A Tartan Tale" which is due out in the States in October. Not quiet sure when it's exactly out here, as when I read stuff online then inquire about in Brown Thomas, the staff haven't a clue what im on about. Either they can't tell me or they are actually clueless about there job. But Id say maybe late October, early November. 

From the promo pictures online they seem to be a mix of reds, blues and greens. With maybe an punky scottish look. Some of the MAC senior artists on Twitter have been posting TwitPic's of tattoo designs. Saying it has to do with a new collection out soon so maybe it's this one :) So that's all the information available and that I have for now about this collection, when I find out more i'll keep ye posted :)

Hope ye like the pic's .Not to sure if I like the packaging yet or not, but I will definatley be making some purchases. :)

-Nadia x

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