Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Return Of Blink-182

As Blink 182 are back on the scene after 6 years and have started there European tour.
They've got nothing but great reviews on the shows they've played so far.
They play the 02 Dublin, Ireland on August 31st and I seriously cannot wait.
Last time I seen them I was 17 and was lucky enough to meet Mark Hoppus.
Fingers crossed that this time it'll be Travis Barker. :)
Good to see some of there greatest hits on the set list :)

01 Dumpweed
02 Feeling This
03 The Rock Show
04 What's My Age Again?
05 I Miss You
06 Stay Together For The Kids
07 Down
08 Always
09 Stockholm Syndrome
10 First Date
11 Man Overboard
12 Don't Leave Me
13 Not Now
14 All The Small Things
15 Reckless Abandon
16 Josie
17 Anthem Part 2

18 Carousel
19 Dammit

 The original Blink bunny...

What he looks like now...

And of course the famous smiley face...

And the newer one which has 6 arrows instead of 5.

So yeah, theres a lil ramble about blink.
So looking forward to the show over here. :)
Anywho ramble over.

-Nadia x

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  1. I heart Mark Hoppus!
    He looked at me ya know :p xxxx